These Parents And Their Children Are Basically Clones Of Each Other

When someone acts like their parent, people like to say, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” It’s an innocent little remark that bugs some people, and makes others proud.

And in the looks department, these people definitely didn’t fall far from the tree. These pictures of parents compared to their children are really amazing. They look almost like twins!

1976 vs. 2012

Mom at age 26 and daughter at age 23 visiting Stonehenge.

There’s a 41-year difference here.

A twofer!

Father at 29 and 2-week-old son, compared to father at 29 and 2-week-old son.

Mom and daughter at age 25.

This man looks like his great-great-grandfather.

Dad and son at age 20.

Mom and daughter look-alikes.

Father and son at the same age.

Grandfather and grandson.

Father and son.

1973 vs. 2013

(via Bored Panda)

They are like carbon copies! I think someone just 3-D printed scale models of these parents to pull the wool over our eyes.