These People Have Mastered The Art Of Passive Aggression

As you get old, passive aggression really can come in handy. Itis an excellent strategy to get across your point and all the time, passive aggressive comments are hilarious.

If it takes years to find out the best way to be passive aggressive, then these folks happen to be for quite sometime at it. They may be the authentic masters.

1. This really is simply impolite.

This is just rude.

2. Well…it is accurate.'s true.

3. That is not hot.

That's cold.

4. And that is not nice.

And that's nasty.

5. I concur. Let us be adults.

I agree. Let's be adults.

6. Well, this can be an incredibly mean way of promotion.

Well, this is a very mean approach to marketing.

7. This might drive me insane, also.

This would drive me crazy, too.

8. Creative and a tiny bit scathing. Perfect!

Imaginative <em>and</em> a little bit scathing. Perfect!

9. They need to probably return this.

They should probably just return this.

10. GODLESS! You all!

GODLESS! All of you!

11. Authentic that.

True that.

12. Well, at least someone is loving those leftovers.

Well, at least someone is enjoying those leftovers.

13. You will only be extra clean!

You'll just be extra clean!

14. That’s rather private.

That's pretty personal.

15. Chef, better luck next time.

Better luck next time, chef.

16. The correct response to some of poop as well as a busted foot.

The appropriate response to a broken foot and a handful of poop.

17. However do you have evidence?

But do you have proof?

18. You are being hassled by the gas station.

Even the gas station is hassling you.

19. Well, that is what Christmas is about.

Well, that's what Christmas is all about.

20. Can you would rather touch poop by means of a tote, or have it thrown in your face? Your call.

Would you prefer to touch poop through a bag, or have it thrown in your face? Your call.

21. Telling it like it’s!

Telling it like it is!

22. Well, that is an eye-opening message.

Well, that's an eye-opening message.

23. So superior to a trash can!

So much better than a trash can!

24. This can be the most effective passive aggression I Have ever seen.

This is the best passive aggression I've ever seen.

25. In a word…no.

In a

26. Nothing just like a roadway troll.

Nothing like a roadway troll.

27. Siri is getting in on the activity.

Even Siri is getting in on the action.

28. You are welcome.

You're welcome.

29. It is annoying for all.

It's annoying for everyone.

30. Passive aggression from beyond the grave.

Passive aggression from beyond the grave.

(via Distractify)

Guy, a few of these are amazing, are not they? I am convinced the folks on the receiving end of the notes took a second to rethink their activities…or they did not, and are now looking forward to the next passive aggressive installation.