Things That Happen At A Katy Perry Concert

I visited Katy Perry’s Prismatic tour at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and this can be what I learned on Friday.

1) There will be blue wigs aplenty.

2) Katy will act like a long lost Disney princess.

3) she’ll be down to shoot selfies.

4) she’ll express her love for her lovers all night long.

5) Everything. Will Be. A. Rainbow.

6) There will be a cat-themed fashion show to Madonna’s “Vogue.”

7) There will be jump-roping in the dark.

8) She might go a small Neil deGrasse Tyson on everyone.

9) There will be many outfit changes, from hot pink catsuits to butterfly-covered gowns.

10) you are going to go to Egypt.

11) she’ll inquire if it’s your first time.

12) she’ll observe your birthday…;

13) …;and there will be what feels like A GAZILLION balloons.

14) Above all: You Are Going To dance your butt away.

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