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This Death Ray Weapon Can Knock Out Drones In Using Radio Waves


Where a system effective at taking out drones via radio waves has been shown off, welcome to Las Vegas. It makes use of high powered radio waves for drones that are disabling by switching them away in midair and blocking their communication. The system was termed as death ray.Death Ray Can Knock Out Drones Using Radio Waves 4

Executive vice-president Rick Sondag, of Liteye Systems, said, If it can be seen by me, I will kill it. He was the one who debuted it last week in the Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Expo which was held in Las Vegas. The business relies in Colorado and has been acting as the called provider by its three manufacturing companies for the device considering that the beginning of 2015; Blighter and Business, Chess Systems. Where national security is a problem Sondag is expecting to market the systems to airports and places.Death Ray Can Knock Out Drones Using Radio Waves 3

He explained, The United States government, like everyone has critical infrastructure and when they dont feel like they are able to shield it, theyll pass laws that hamper current use and will hamper improvement. In accordance with the trio of companies, The device can be utilized in urban or remote regions to avoid UAVs being used against websites with critical infrastructure for espionage, terrorist attacks or another unwanted actions. The Anti-UAV Defence System is not unlikely to be an important element of defence system and a broader networked surveillance. Its gentle kill abilities make it an extremely appealing choice for both internal military and border security forces. Where restraint is demanded by the scenario and AUDS delivers an incredibly strong message, where busy, yet distinct, deterrence is needed.MoS2 Template Master

Based on sources that are Defence, the British-designed system termed before this year as AUDS Anti Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Defense System was tested out in Scotland and continues to be proven successful against drones which can be remote controlled as well as the ones that follow pre-programmed flight paths. In accordance with the AUDS producers, it takes the system about 10-15 seconds for disturbing and targeting multiple drones which are in the swarm assault configuration. But, the technology was designed so that it doesnt change any military or commercial aircraft that use encrypted communications.

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