This Is What It Looks Like When Babies End Up Having Babies…Wow

Let”s face it. Teen sex is a problem that can never go away. But when it”s likely to take place anyhow, we have to educate our children about safe sex. What better method is there to accomplish this than by showing them pictures of youthful parents? These 15 couples were saddled with infants at early ages. Had I seen these pictures back when I used to be young, I wouldn”t have the ability to get them out of my head.

1. The pleasure is TRIPLED.

The fun is TRIPLED.

2. Delay, that”s not your little brother?

Wait, that

3. Whoa.


4. Grinning isn”t something they”re thinking of appropriate now.

Smiling isn

5. Amazing.


6. “Mom, can we see your animations now?”

7. Only…wow.

8. ABC Family only got real.

ABC Family just got real.

9. Shouldn”t I be in middle school right now?


10. Well there”s something new.

Well <em>there

11. I don”t even have the knowledge of what things to say.

I don

12. Nothing like a bit of assignments as well as a bottle.

Nothing like a little bit of homework along with a bottle.

13. Someone”s getting some hand me downs.


14. At least she’s the youth to play along with her kiddo.

At least she has the youth to play with her kiddo.

15. Prepared for another?

Ready for another?

(via Guff)

Becoming a parent is one of life”s best presents. Nevertheless, it”s also one that”s greatest bestowed later on in life. I just want the very best for these youthful parents.