This Looks Like An Ordinary Park. But Watch What Happens When The Season Changes… WOW.

There are pleasant as seeing the seasons change. The natural beauty of our magnificent world actually doesn”t want a filter. And in Austria, there”s a park which will literally take your breath away.

From a picturesque picnic dwellers dream into a sanctuary for scuba divers, this park has it covered. According to what time of the entire year it really is.

In the winter you”ll discover clear, tranquil grasslands and lake which is just about 3 to 6 feet deep.

In the winter you

It”s name is Gruner See, which in English translates to…


Green Ocean. Every springtime, as the ice and snow melt, the water level drastically increases.

Green Sea. Every spring, as the snow and ice melt, the water level dramatically rises.

By summer, it”s a lake about 40 feet deep!

By summer, it

The whole park, all and seats, become submerged beneath the crystal clear water in the mountains.

The entire park, benches and all, become submerged under the crystal-clear water from the mountains.

H/T: Elite Daily.

Scuba divers take pleasure in the subterranean park the most when the water is at its maximum, in June. Now that”s a multipurpose park. I really like it.