This Wife Wrote Down Everything Her Husband Said In His Sleep – Hilarious

Among the stresses you likely have is what you might do or say in your slumber when you sleep with your significant other. Does one snore? Do you fart? Do you kick? Perhaps you even cry the name of another person.

Most of the time, they only find yourself laughing about it afterwards, although initially, your partner might be annoyed. Similar to this couple — this man is his wife and a sleep talker writes down everything he says in texts and his slumber it to him. The effects are nonsensical and rather hilarious, and definitely worth a read.

He approves.

Uh oh.

Perhaps he is a cook in his dreams.

He gave a time frame to her.

Hanging out with Napoleon seems quite rad, really.

This looks like a menace?

That is a huge bug!

I wish I was Belgian

I should understand this cat strategy!

I do not recall that episode of Family Guy.

At least he understands.

I do not believe he was asleep for this one…

(via Bored Panda)

Oh man, I trust I do not speak in my sleep. I do not need my future wife putting that stuff out there. That would be horrifying! Or uproarious. I’ven’t determined yet.