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Watch What Happens To A Human Body When It Is Hit By A Taser Gun


The Slow Mo Men are at it again! This time they seen with the city of Scottsdale situated to take a look at the headquarters of the Taser maker. The version which is found in the video that is following is a x26 cartridge which is known as Air or IEM Taser.Taser Being Fired In Slow Motion On Bare Skin 5

It’s not dissimilar to a pistol should you fires two electrodes that later release an electrical discharge to get several seconds on the target and examine it. The procedure occurs at incredible speeds for recording it, and for that reason, a particular camera was utilized. Interesting fact; the taser fires two little pieces of paper combined with the serial number of the weapon to ensure shot could be recognized.Taser Being Fired In Slow Motion On Bare Skin 4Taser Being Fired In Slow Motion On Bare Skin 3Taser Being Fired In Slow Motion On Bare Skin 2

The initial evaluation was performed on a wall; yet, the next evaluation was conducted on a human goal. The video reveals the electrodes sticking to it while the electrical discharge takes place as well as the affected muscles contraction is visible and making their approach to the trunk of the volunteer. As it appears in the action movies as expected, it isnt as interesting in real life.

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