What Women Used To Do In The Name Of Beauty Is Downright Shocking, Even Today

Medications, fads, and many classic creations seem pretty creepy in the our vantage point. Nevertheless, one astonishingly creepy part of life back stands out: merchandises and attractiveness processes.

Girls in the 1930s and 40s were as concerned about their look as today. The sole difference today is the technology. These 14 images emphasize a few of the most creepy processes that girls put themselves through, all

1. Those are a few strong-seeming blowdryers.

Those are some powerful-looking blowdryers.

2. This girl is getting a hair process that is long-term in 1929 Germany.

This woman is undergoing a permanent hair procedure in 1929 Germany.

3. This mad-seeming head gear was devised by Max Factor in 1930. Its goal was to assist in the proper application of make-up.

This crazy-looking head gear was invented by Max Factor in 1930. Its purpose was to aid in the correct application of makeup.

4. Before there was sunblock there was the “Freckleproof Cape.” The cape was worn to guard from the sunlight”s beams. Some versions even had assembled in shades such as the one pictured under.

Before there was sunscreen there was the "Freckleproof Cape." The cape was worn to protect against the sun

5. In the event that you seen a “slendering salon” in the 1940s, you may have run into a seat in this way. It allegedly encouraged weight loss and massaged your legs.

If you visited a

6. It is a process in the 1930s where physicians tried to freeze freckles off. The patient”s eyes were covered as well as their nose was stopped up for his or her protection. They needed to breathe through a tube.

This is a procedure from the 1930s where doctors attempted to freeze off freckles using carbon dioxide. The patient

7. Those are suction cups. This process assured to actually suck skin spots out.

Those are suction cups. This procedure promised to literally suck out skin spots.

8. I”m not even sure what”s going on here, but it”s terrifying.


9. Allegedly, as a means of enhancing circulation and making the skin appear younger, this horrifying mask in the 1940s was used to warm the face.

Supposedly, this horrifying mask from the 1940s was used to heat the face as a way of improving circulation and making the skin look younger.

10. During the 1920s, it had been believed that wearing rubber “attractiveness masks,” would smooth out wrinkles. They look like something else completely though…

During the 1920s, it was thought that wearing rubber

11. Many girls would spend hours like this curled.

Prior to World War II, many women would spend hours in machines like this having their hair curled.

12. Additionally devised by Max Factor, this girl is wearing a “Hangover Heaven” face pack. It was popular with Hollywood stars, as you would possibly imagine. The plastic ice cubes on the front might be frozen and full of water.

Also invented by Max Factor, this woman is wearing a

13. I don”t believe anyone is aware of what the purpose of a fruit mask was, but nonetheless, it definitely makes to get a shocking picture.

I don

14. The girl in this picture is wearing a so called “Glamor Bonnet.” The bonnet guaranteed to give users a flushed, radiant complexion. It did this by lowering atmospheric pressure round the head. Something about that doesn”t sound safe.

The woman in this photo is wearing a so-called "Glamour Bonnet." The bonnet promised to give users a rosy, glowing complexion. It did this by lowering atmospheric pressure around the head to alpine conditions. Something about that doesn

(source: Imgur)

If Hollywood is searching for a few inspiration to get a fresh horror movie (or collection of films), they need to begin with one of these pictures. They”re giving me nightmares.