When You See The Surprise That A Cop Had For These Kids, You’ll Be So Jealous

Children are constantly told to put their apparatus down and play outside, but they are frequently met with backlash when they do. While scrolling through Twitter and sitting indoors is a silent action, playing basketball is a noisy method to pass the time.

That is why the cops were called by folks in this area on several teenagers who have been playing with a pickup match outside. The neighbors were not having it, although they were only trying to get some fun. Fortunately for the players, though, a man named Policeman White was on their side.

Rather than coming down on them for playing ball, this officer joined them (since, you know, playing basketball is not a crime). He vowed to return and play again!

Officer White was recently dispatched into a call of children playing basketball “loud” in the roads. In the evening. Having interesting. Not perpetrating offenses. Let us see how it was handled by him.

Posted by Gainesville Police Department on Thursday, January 21, 2016

He kept his promise, and you’re going to never believe who he brought with him.

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Playing ball must have already been a fantasy come true for anyone children! He is an utter legend. Policemen like Policeman White are carrying it out right. Individuals should good about having fun, particularly when they are remaining active and healthy.