Who Created The Aliens In Prometheus? Ridley Scott Reveals All!


Ridley Scott is slowly making the prequel movies that will eventually take us back to the original Alien movie and to Ripley. He will also reveal the biggest question of them all; Who Created the horrible creatures!

Scott says, “I’m trying to keep this(Prometheus) for myself. I let the other series [Alien] get away from me – I shouldn’t have…; I’m trying to re-resurrect the beast and let if off the hook for a while because I’m coming back into the back-end of Alien 1. I’m gradually getting to Alien 1.”

Ridley Adds; “Prometheus 2 will start getting shot in February and I’ve already begun now so I know what the script is. Then there will be another one after that and then maybe we’ll back into Alien 1, as to why? Who would make such a dreadful thing?”