Why We Think Amanda Bynes Might be a Genius

Why We Think Amanda Bynes Might be a Genius

We’ve got reason to believe Amanda Bynes might be a master, and we’re all becoming played. The joke is on us.

When Joaquin Phoenix infamously “stop” playing to begin a rap career recall back in 2008? He was nominated as best leading actor for his role as Johnny Cash in “Walk the Line”, but his career appeared to be going down next. Shortly he declared that he’d not be playing, but was intending to start a hip hop profession, grew a beard and began acting stranger and stranger.

A documentary followed — 2010’s I’ m Here” — as he took drugs, behaving really strange, purchased hookers which followed him and harassed P Diddy for a record deal. This was, as we figured out later or sooner, was’t a “mockumentary” about something, although everywhere close actual the people appears to adore seeing — the star disaster.

There are simply too many parallels here to disregard it. Bynes is now being offered a hip hop record deal (closer than Joaquin ever got!). Her performing career appeared to be tanking, she someone may happen to be proposed going the path of a large scale publicity stunt to get herself back in the public eye — to get folks to actually take notice. All things considered, bad publicity is still pr.

This appears that it’s turning out to function as publicity stunt of the century, and Amanda Bynes is really a fantastic comedic performer making a statement.

Bynes may or may not be fooling us into believing she’s lost her marbles (it really might be the situation), but it’s something to contemplate.

Because her bipolar episodes are legit, Britney Spears has never made a mockumentary. Lindsey Lohan ca’t look to stay away from them and actually is on drugs. Amanda Bynes’ behaviour is only so over the top that we ca’t help but question it truly is.


On the other hand, she does’t actually want one, although there may never be a mockumentary. That’s another reason why we believe Amanda Bynes might be a legend — she does’t want a mockumentary, because we’ve media coverage that is social than before. It’s unneeded, when you’ve got it all unfolding in graphics, videos, tweets and everyone else talking about you.

Amanda Bynes may have realized what she set out to do. We can only wait for the remainder see and to unfold if that is accurate or not.