Would Your Wife Wife Let You Get Coffee From Her?

In Kent Washington, there exists a little java shack which is called Bikini Beans and it’s possessed by a young woman named Carlie Jo. Company can be rough upward in the northwest when you must compete against Starbucks, so something rather brilliance was thought up by Carlie Jo. “How around serve the customers their morning coffee in only hot lingerie.”

Told you it was brilliance. It doesn’t damage that Carlie Jo is a drop dead baby with the perfect body you’ve ever seen. I am talking about she ’s an 11.

Part of her promotion would be to post an instagram picture of what she’s wearing so her faithful customers can see what they have been missing. More than 16,000 individuals follow her Instagram and her company is booming. Take a look and ask yourself, are you going for that astonishing ass or the java?


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