10 Adorable Pet With Cute Moments

Battle With The Crocodile

Having a crocodile battle can be some nasty stuff, however for kittens, apparently it’s pretty easy to win.

Which One’s The Puppy?

When you first look at this image, it’s hard to distinguish which is the toy panda and which is the puppy. Regardless, it’s an extremely cute picture.

Still Loves Her Water Packet

Cat’s love to hide inside of things, such as this plastic wrapper. Let’s just hope she doesn’t outgrow her life-long toy.

Wrinkly Towel

While this one isn’t technically camouflaged, in the right frame of mind you’d almost be tempted to pick it up and fold it away with the rest of the linen.

The Bathroom Sink

Remember before when we said that cats can pretty much sleep anywhere..?

Two Heads??

This one is even more perplexing. At a quick glance, it’s not easy to tell which end of this dog is the head and which is the tail.

Banana Dog

Is it just us, or are corgis always happy? This one is wearing a banana costume, and still has no complaints. Maybe he knows how adorable he is.

Thug Kitty

The missing star from upcoming film “Straight Outta Compton”.

The Incredible Hulk

If only Bruce Banner could learn to keep “the other guy” on a leash all of the time.

The Great Pumpkin

It’s the Grumpy Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Wait, that’s not it…;