19 Awesomely Aggressive Windshield Notes You Should Totally Use

Welcome to Windshield Diaries, the best expose of notes left on automobiles that couldn”t trouble to take up no more than one parking space. To me this occurred for all the amount of times, I sincerely wish I understood about these long ago.

From a peanut butter finger painted message to an army of furious potatoes, there”s plenty of means to vent your rage when you”re packaged into your area. These 19 pictures will undoubtedly give you some inspiration, so the poor parkers better watch out!

1. We don”t need another Spud rebellion on our hands, do we?

We don

2. I wonder if they”ll throw him a party, also.

I wonder if they

3. That”s a resolution worth keeping.


4. I like games…

I like games...

5. On the bright side…free peanut butter.

On the bright side...free peanut butter.

6. Hella creepy.

Hella creepy.

7. Well, it worked…once.

Well, it worked...once.

8. “That”s what you get!”


9. Why”d you make my cat grumpy?


10. Optimus Prime doesn’t enjoy you.

Optimus Prime does not like you.

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