A Blind Boy Steps Off Of A Curb. Prepare Your Heart And Watch What Happens Next.

This brave little guy is Gavin. Gavin is 4-years-old and was born completely blind, which means that as a toddler not only did he have to learn to walk like the rest of us, he also had to learn to navigate with no sight. His parents are doing an excellent job at teaching him to be independent though, and making sure he can make it through this world on his own. Watch as he bravely uses his cane for the very first time to walk outside and to step down a curb. You can find Gavin on Facebook. Gavin and his family also have a Non-Profit Organization which helps educate people about Leber”s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) and helps fund research on a cure for the extremely rare condition. Source: Gavin” s Groupies on YouTube Share Gavin”s bravery with your friends below.