A Poem For The Poor Country That Seems To Always Be Left Out On The Map

Occasionally, New Zealand is simply left out. And it must quit.

A web site called worldmapswithout.nz gathers maps from all different sources that, for some or no motive, leave New Zealand outside. This can be one, and a somewhat unexpected and unexplained phenomenon which is not fair to our buddies in NZ. (Sorry, Kiwis!)

I began to empathize after seeing how frequently poor New Zealand is left out. This inspired me to compose this a little poem focused on its rightful place and to New Zealand on the map of the world.

New Zealand was seeking for its location on a map. / But it was left out of so many. What”s up with that?

New Zealand was searching for its place on a map. / But it was left out of so many. What

All it needed was its rightful spot / Correct next to Australia with an unique private space.

All it wanted was its rightful place / Right next to Australia with its own private space.

But on a lot of maps, its location it couldn”t find. / New Zealand believed it’d lost it place on the earth, and its head!

But on so many maps, its place it couldn

But it kept on seeking for its place on the planet earth. / It understood what it was worth and that it was unique.

But it kept on searching for its spot on the earth. / It knew that it was special and what it was worth.

New Zealand appeared low and high and then see / A blank space just where it should be.

New Zealand looked high and low only to see / A blank space exactly where it should be.

But as it believed the search was in vain, / New Zealand located itself – with its name, in its area.

But just as it thought the search was in vain, / New Zealand found itself - in its place, with its name.


I made sure this story ended happily for great ol” New Zealand.