Can’t Get Enough Movies? Visit These 15 Real Life Places Today And Geek Out

I adore going to the pictures. It”s always pleasant to sit in a theatre with a bucket of popcorn in your lap and get transported to another time and location.

That”s why it”s no wonder some people understand everything about our favourite pictures. It also needs to come as no real surprise that we can see the actual places featured in classic movies, like these 15 areas that are well-known.

1. Dazed & Lost“s Top Notch.

<i>Dazed & Confused</i>

Top Notch served as among the teen hangouts in the movie.

2. Robocop“s OCP Headquarters.


Although the film happened in Detroit, it”s really a mixture of filming in Dallas and Pittsburgh, using Dallas”s city hall as the OCP headquarters.

3. Xavier”s School from X-Men.


Used in the X Men trilogy, Hatley Castle in British Columbia, Canada functioned as the outside for Xavier”s School for Talented Children.

4. The Overlook Hotel From The Shining.

The Overlook Hotel From <i>The Shining</i>.

This is a mixture of two resorts: the inside (filmed on a soundstage) was inspired by The Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park, California, while Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood in Oregon was used for outdoor shots.

5. The B&B From Groundhog Day.

The B&B From <i>Groundhog Day</i>.

The picture was filmed in Woodstock, Illinois although the picture occurred in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Breakfast and the bed is the Royal Victorian Manor

6. Camp Towanda From Wet Hot American Summer.

Camp Towanda From <i>Wet Hot American Summer</i>.

This picture was shot a sleepaway summer camp in Honesdale, at Camp Towanda, Pennsylvania. To get permission to movie, producers said it was a romantic comedy and lied to camp staff. The camp was unhappy when they afterwards viewed the film in theatres.

7. The Ghostbusters Firehouse.

The <i>Ghostbusters</i> Firehouse.

Sitting at 14 North Moore Street on the corner of Varick Street in TriBeCa, New York, this place is home to some completely working (and functional) New York Fire Department firehouse. Although the interior scenes were shot back in LA at the now historical Fire Station #23 at 225 E. 5th Street, we”d much rather get our slime on back in NYC.

8. The Field From Field Of Visions.

The Field From <i>Field Of Dreams</i>.

After this field was assembled by Universal they left possession in the control of two neighbors. One possessed right field, infield, and the house. Another left and owned facility. Visitors couldn”t measure on the other”s property, so eventually all the rights were sold to some holding company, who intends to develop a fresh $74 million complex called Baseball Heaven.

9. The Grand Budapest Hotel”s Hotel.

<i>The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Gorlitzer Warenhaus department store in Denmark was scheduled for demolition until the film saved at the last minute it. Now it”s being renovated for a 2016 re opening.

10. Nakatomia Plaza from Die Hard.

Nakatomia Plaza from <i>Die Hard</i>.

The picture was shot at the real life corporate headquarters for Twentieth Century Fox (the same firm that made the picture). You”ll find it at 2121 Avenue of the Stars in La, California.

11. Subterranean Pool from 127 Hours.

Underground Pool from <i>127 Hours</i>.

In 127 Hours, James Franco meets two girls and takes them diving into this wonderful cavern…from 55 feet upward! The pool is really a natural hot spring found at the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah. Don”t get your hopes up of dropping in, as the resort doesn”t let it.

12. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”s Tribute Training Center.

<i>The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Stay at the Marriott Marquis Hotel at 265 Peachtree Center Avenue NE in Atlanta, Georgia, and you could remain where Katniss did (the 10th floor, to be exact).

13. The House From A Christmas Story.

The House From <i>A Christmas Story</i>.

At 3159 W. 11th Street in Cleveland, Ohio, the first house was purchased by an admirer of the film and turned into an exact replica museum. There”s even an “official” Chinese restaurant down the road.

14. Yavin IV From Star Wars.

Yavin IV From <i>Star Wars</i>.

Shooting for the Massassi Outpost rebel base on the fourth moon of Yavin took place at the Mayan temple ruins in The Tikal National Park, Guatemala on location.

15. Hogwarts From The Harry Potter Set.

Hogwarts From The Harry Potter Series.

Filming took place in several old English buildings, but many of Christ Church College and Durham Cathedral”s structure inspired the layout of the numerous Hogwarts picture sets at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire, England.

(via Mental Floss)

The Baseball Heaven theory alone seems bright. I understand where I’d like to see on my next long holiday. I won”t even must get set accessibility to be at these locations.