Damon Lindelof “apologizes” for Alice Eve’s gratuitous underwear scene

The underwear scene in question.

The panties scene in question.

Star Trek: Into Darkness flew into the displays amidst typically enthusiastic reviews, but given its status as a cult film there had to be –of course- some controversy surrounding its release.

The stunning Alice Eve appears clad in panties for no specific reason other than if you’ve why the hell not got Alice Eve in your film? The scene was incredibly gratuitous, but it was a surprise considering the previous Star Trek film by showing several times pandered a bit. However, critics have jumped at the opportunity to put it on Lindelof for his “ ” choice that was creative, essentially calling him a panderer that was misogynistic.

Happily, producer/writer Damon Lindelof did’t overcome into a worthless fight with the franchise’s lovers over the stunt, as he apologized right away around at his twitter account (although his statements were -quite intelligibly- halfhearted:


Ensure that it stays classy, Damon!