Empire Star Terrence Howard Divorce Gets Brutal

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The dust is settling in the Terrence Howard divorce — this month a judge finalized the schism and the “Red Tails” celebrity made off like a bandit in the property settlement.

In accordance with the divorce order, Terrence gets the lion’s share of marital property, including all 25 of his bank accounts and both houses in Pennsylvania.

And the awkward part is that Terrence’s ex-husband Michelle Ghent has been ordered to return the performer’s 2011 Range Rover. (She gets to keep her motorcycle …; and a BMW).

Terrence was ordered to pay $5,800 a month in spousal to Michelle tremendous amount for someone of Terrence’s means. Bottom line: He scored large.

You’ll remember, Michelle filed for divorce in February 2011 , a year after their wedding.

Michelle Howard is assumed to get month from Terrence per $5,800 but according to new documentaries …; she stands .! here’s why to gain significantly from astronomical success on the FOX show, and

The deal is Michelle gets 21% of anything Terrence made the first 3 months of this in over $62,500 As we reported …; Michelle says Terrence pulls in $125k per sources and episode tell us 3 episodes this season were shot.