Every Time This Cat Sees A Human, He Does Something Hilarious – LOL!

Cats are known for their rather peculiar, if not anti-social, behaviors. People who adore felines like them because they are independent and they don’t require a lot of the care that dogs or other pets need.

This cat, however, has a very strange quirk. Whenever he sees a human around, he reaches for the sky as if he’s about to be robbed. It’s pretty hilarious.

People aren’t exactly sure what makes this kitty put his paws in the air.

But whenever a human comes near him, he just instinctually does it.

Some people believe that the cat was abused previously, but no one can be quite sure.

What we can be sure of is that this quirk is quite hilarious.


After GIFs surfaced, people put their Photoshopping skills to work…


“I’ve been abducted!”

What an amazing loop.

(via Reddit)

Even if he’s not trying to tell us that aliens are coming, this little cutie deserves all the Internet fame he’s got!