Hasbro Has No Love For The Ladies

rey 2

Im sure do nt care to be concerned about spoilers and most of you’ve seen the new Star Wars The Power Awakens by now, or I ‘d. The principal character is Rey (Daisy Ridley) a delightful girl this time where its been hunky men before films but I think someone forgot to give Hasbro the memo. Hasbro of course is the toy company responsible for some of the iconic toys and games of time in addition to action figures from comic books, innumerable films and TV shows.

star wars no rey2

When Hasbro released the first run of action figures for the new Star Wars folks well began to see that there was a figure that was very critical missing and that of course was the stories principal character Rey. Hasbro representatives had some rather poor reasons essentially saying that it was spoiler causes when asked about it. They believed by having Rey holding a light saber as many people pointed out, only do’t give her a light saber although it’d give away to much of the film! I mean she did have a poor butt fighting stick right?

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