He Gave His Dad A Virtual-Reality Headset, And He Reacted Like Any Cranky Dad Would

Despite looking dorky, Virtual-Reality headsets are becoming more popular by the minute, with Samsung offering a free set with the new Galaxy S7, and Playstation launching nearly 50 games that are compatible with Virtual-Reality equipment. This just begs one question: is the technology really all it’s cracked up to be?

According to one extremely British father, yes and no. When his son let him try on a V-R headset, he was very vocal (and explicit) about the whole thing. Watch as his musings on the gadget go from good, to bad, to awful.


Get used to it, Dad. These headsets might be the way of the future…or they could be the way of the future like the Segway was, which never really became a thing outside the realm of mall security. Who even knows anymore?