Hollywood Celebrities: See Who Nailed Halloween

Celebrities love Halloween as much anyone, the only difference is that they have lots of money to get better outfits. This year the clear-cut winner was heidi Klum. Here are a few photos from her in years past.

What did she do this year that trumped all of those?

Heidi Klum – Jessica Rabbit


Heidi Klum has proven once again why she is considered the queen of Halloween. Klum was unrecognizable as she hit the red carpet of her annual Halloween party in New York City. From top to bottom, she nailed Roger Rabbit’s love interest to a tee!

Beyonce & Jay-Z – Coming To America

The hottest hubby and wife duo on the planet nailed their Halloween outfit with tehir Coming to America outfits. Well done!

Jay Lo – Latina Muerta

Jennifer Lopez showed off her curves in a beautiful Day of the Dead outfit at Klums amazing Halloween Party. The over 40 actress is still job dropping as ever!

Gigi Hadid – Grease


Gigi Hadid was smoking on the red carpet at the annual Halloween bash as she came out blazing as sexy Sandy from Grease.

Kylie Jenner – Xena

Looking like a perfect dime, Kylie knocked it out of the park with her epic Xena outfit.Seriously, her rack is amazing.

Alessandra Ambrosio – Sexy Devil


The sexy Victoria’s Secret Model nailed the sexy devil look with her tight satin and glorious fishnets. Meow!

Taylor Swift – Frozen Snowman


Tay Tay and her good homie idina menzel nailed a Frozen performance as Taylor danced and sang as the cute snowman from Frozen.

Paris Hilton – Rich Slut


Paris rolled into a Hollywood party on a sexy black number. Not sure if she knew it was Halloween as it looks less scandalous than what she wears on a normal Tuesday.

Neil Patrick Harris – Obi-Won Kenobi

Besides Klum, Doogie Howser is the other King of Halloween. This year he and his family took out best Star Wars themed outfits. Seriously, NPH rules.

Mariah Carey – Sexy Witch

The pitchy queen of lip-synching is somehow still relevant. Whatever. Her curves were on display in her skin tight sexy bad witch outfit on Halloween. She’s still pretty hot.

Emily Ratajkowski -Marge Simpson

By far the hottest Marge Simpson has ever looked is when Emily ratajkowski showed up to Heidi Klums Halloween bash. Well done!

Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter

The super model and super hero get creepy for Halloween. heir instagram is on point right now, go check it.

Channing and Jenna Tatum

Sexy as it gets, Channing Tatum dumbed it down for his Cat in the Hat outfit for Halloween. Come on dude, the ladies want Magic Mike.

Behati Prinsloo – Rainbow Bright

The sexy supermodel showed off her perfect stems as she went after the Rainbow Bright look. We love her no matter what.

Shanina Shaik – As Rihanna


Can the world handle two sexy Rihanna’s? I think not.

Nina Agdal – Superhero

Superheros can be hot. Good thing Nina Agdal knows what up because she showed up with her “a” game.

Joe Jonas -Blades of Glory


The derpy Jonas brother did his best to be Will Ferrel from Blades of Glory. I think with a mustache, he would be a perfect Mario brother.

Nicki Minaj – Fairy Tale Babe

Nicki went for a fairy tale fairy but ended up looking more like a super slutty stripper. We approve.

Hilary Duff – Sex Kitten

Hilary Duff is one of the hottest women in my book. On Halloween, she did like millions of other unoriginal women, and dressed up as a sex kitten. The only difference is she looks way better than those other broads.

Nicole Richie- Jack Skellington

Sexy Nicole Richie made a proper Jacks Skellington from the Nightmare on Christmas.

The Rock – Popeye

Im pretty sure Dwayne Johnson would kick the shit out of Popeye.

Cindy Crawford – Metal Skank

Ex-supermodel and all around hot-ass wife Cindy Crawford made her way to george Clooneys Halloween party dressed as a slutty super skank. She nailed it.

Gwen Stefani – Dead Cowgirl

The newly single and ready to mingle Stefani pouted her way to this sexy outfit on Halloween. You know shes banging that country western guy from the voice? True story.

Anne Hathaway – Unicorny

The mostly awesome Anne Hathaway looks like she went as a baked Miley Cyrus for Halloween. We like that unicorn outfit.

Jessica Alba – Romy

We loved Michelle and Romy’s high school reunion. We also love Jessica Alba nailing the look for Halloween with her dude, Cash Warren.

Charlotte McKinney – Hot ass babe!

Super hot Carls Junior babe Charlotte McKinney dressed up as herself for Halloween but in skimpier outfits than usual.Well done.

Miranda Kerr- Black Swan

Sexy and scary were on tap with Kerr this Halloween. Looking good.

Pink and her family – ET

Pink and her man Carrey Hart dressed up their little grommet as ET for Halloween. Well done you comeback couple of the decade!

David Spade – Rat

The rat with the cheese. Thats about all the work David Spade can find these days.

Kelly Brook – Frida


Frida Khalo and her monkey

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan -Luke and Leia


Kourtney Kardashian and her kids>/h2>

Keeping it chill this Halloween, KK dressed up as a wonder woman. Not far from the truth is it? I mean her family sucks so bad, all she has to do is raise these kids right.

Nick Jonas – Hamburglar

cock grabber Nick jo-bro is now a burger muncher. Well done.

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