Incredibly Funny And Real Happening, Try Not To Laugh

Latorsha just missed the mark on a new fresh look.



Laquanda is on the prowl boys. She’s a looker.


This Chocolate Chip Cookie

You might have been tempted by the filled with chocolate chips cookie on the wrapper, but it turns out that cookie has only one chocolate chip. After all it is called a chocolate chip cookie, not chips!


Taco Bell


This Kids’ Pool

You should be careful when buying a product based on the package. We are not sure whether the advertised pool is bigger than the actual one, or if the children in the ad are some sort of dwarfs, but we may never learn the truth.


This German TV Dinner Box

Isn’t the packaging of this German TV Dinner Box simply amazing? Well, you’d be surprised to learn that the contents are not as appealing.




Winter Is Coming

The stalk of this Pumpkin looks awfully ominous. Perhaps winter is on its way


Chicken Little

This amazing strawberry looks like it really wanted to be a chicken


Hip-Hop Carrot

This is one super-fly carrot, right down to the gangster hairstyle.


Haunted Pickle

Getting to the end of this pickle jar could have strange and dangerous consequences.


Mr. Egghead

I have a feeling that this follow and Mr. Potatohead would get along splendidly.