Indian hockey skipper accused of sexual exploitation by fiancee

LUDHIANA (Web Desk) The authorities has started a probe in a charge, a girl from the united kingdom has accused Indian ice hockey skipper Sardar Singh of sexual exploitation.

She alleges of getting her to abort a pregnancy Hindustan Times reported after making the bogus promise of marrying her.

On the criminal charge by the girl, a former hockey player herself, a question has been indicated by Ludhiana police commissioner.

While Sardar was unavailable for comment fIR was filed yet. Sub- station house officer of Koom Kalan, Inspector Surjit Singh Nagra, said a case would be registered by the authorities after checking the facts, and supported the probe order. Sardar is a deputy superintendent of police in his native state Haryana.

The girl has alleged that Sardar got her pregnant and she got an abortion. She said they got engaged but after he refused to wed her and has quit taking her calls also. She had seen his native hamlet Sant Nagar in Sirsa district a year ago and had apparently met Sardar through the London Olympics.