Is Kim Kardashian Getting A Divorce?

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Take Their Kids To The MoviesIt was reported that Despite the fact that from falling Kim Kardashian is attempting to keep her showmance, and a divorce is on the horizon, she’s a realist. Kim understands when she and the mad rapper do get divorced she will must fight for guardianship of her daughter North West – and she’s laying the basis to construct a claim and make herself look like a super mom down.

Despite the fact that Kim is trying to keep Kimye jointly for promotion, the rapper and his wife have been fighting an alleged love child, his free lips and cheating scandals, and now reality TV show. Kim Kardashian’s brother Rob Kardashian strike the nail on the head when he said his sister is the psycho bitch that was “ from Gone Girl, indicated and ” that she is going to stop at nothing to keep Kanye West in their union that was fraudulent.

Kim Kardashian lately stepped out with her nephew Mason for good measure –, and North West in tow and took her daughter. The KUWTK star was photographed nonchalant – and except and dressed down for her crop top, she could have nearly passed as a suburban soccer mom. She toted North out of ballet class with no nanny and Kourtney’s son Mason – in sight. Yes, you heard us right, Kim Kardashian took care of not one, but two children all by herself! Like we said, super mom.


Sources close to the Kardashian family snitched to CDL that Kim is attempting to“mom up her picture,” in case she and Kaye do divorce, to ensure she’s a leg to stand on in a custody battle over North West. Really however, if you had been a family court judge who’d you decide to give guardianship of Kanye, Kim or a toddler? Isn’t that contemplated picking the lesser of two evils? A mad rapper who believes he’s private friends with President Obama and Jesus, or a narcissist with sex tapes and naked pictures throughout the web?

Source: Star Dirty Laundry