Justin Bieber Bad Boy Image a Good Thing?

JustinBieberForComplexMagazine01We’ve seen it happen time and time again. The goodie goodie image can be a death sentence to an upcoming star’s career. Donny Osmond is the poster boy for this type of fall, and ironically enough, Beiber’s looks and high-pitched voice have often been compared to the then twelve year old heartthrob of the 70’s. When Osmond tried to have an adult career, and to be taken seriously, he was shunned by the industry, even going as far a to premiere his song, “Soldier of Love,” anonymously because his name was poison in the music industry. He also tried the bad boy image, but for him it was too late, he was already well into his twenties.

For Bieber, who is 19, this may be the right time to make the change. But what about Michael Jackson? He rose to fame as a child singer and it could have ended there, but with his talent and setting the standard for the next generation of music, he was able to rise to the top. But didn’t he do an album and tour entitled, “Bad?” While not condoning behavior that can result in injury to himself or others, a little bad press can go a long way. His new hairstyle, his on again, off again relationship, and teen rebellion is keeping him in the public eye and showing him to be more than just a cute little boy. We all know he has the talent to go the distance, but he may garner a new audience that can take him all the way.

There is a fine line that Bieber has to walk and if he balances it just right, it may just be the ticket to the top. Leaning one way or the other could be his demise. I guess time will tell which way he goes …; the good little forgotten boy or the Lindsay Lohan train wreck.