Kate Winslet is Pregnant!

300.ab.winslet.021012Kate Winslet is expecting her third child with new husband, Ned Rocknroll (yea, you heard me). The 37-year old performer’ representative announced the joyful news early Tuesday. Already mom to two children, Joe and Mia, this is Winslet’s first kid with her new beau.

Based on People.com, Winslet has said to InStyle in 2006 that she needed more children in her future. The happy couple wed back in December. Lately, Winslet completed her latest movie coincidentally titled, Labor Day, directed by Jason Reitman.

Yet, even though all this is really exciting for those parties involved, it brings us back to the age old question: why is she having children with someone who’s not Leo Dicaprio. Yes, we can go on and on about how individuals act in pictures. Winslet is a grown woman who can likely make her intimate choices by herself, let alone every other choice in her life, but this doesn’t prevent everyone from seeing Titanic and thinking, “Why are you two not together.”

In previous interviews, Winslet has referred as her brother and her companion; someone laugh with and who she can trust. Based on HuffingtonPost.com, DiCaprio walked her down the aisle at her third wedding (demonstrating that Jack really gave Rose away so everyone’s door argument is now invalid). As they wander farther from the one they need supporters of the film will eternally challenge her choices. Perhaps this might turn out to be some Nicolas Sparks novel until they can be old and grey to figure out they are supposed to be and she truly is only waiting. Leo DiCaprio has never married and this is Kate Winslet’s third union.

Finally, they might figure out that they have been those who are supposed to be together. They are extremely secure with each other and have an excellent relationship. Most of all, their chemistry is enough to sink a boat

Before I see myself outside for that opinion, that is all just fun and games and I’m convinced she’s quite content with her husband, Ned Stark– I mean, Rocknroll. Here’s to their kid making it through publication three…;

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