Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Woes & Passion For Fried Cheese


Ex pornstar, Kim Kardashian has been having food cravings. On Tuesday, Sept. 29 she had her baby (and a pack of Cheetos!) on her head when she sat down to discuss her second kid.

While the 34-year old reality star isn’t ready to opt for another name that is directional, she did confess to having a soft spot for Easton. She must have played softball as a child.

I do enjoy the name Easton. While speaking to Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen show Easton West she confessed. I do enjoy it, although I don’t believe my husband likes that name. I don’t believe we’ll go another way. It’s undoubtedly not South, every time someone says South, I simply need to roll my eyes she said. “I do enjoy Easton, but I don’t believe Kanye enjoys Easton, I’m not certain.”

She does understand Easton and East seem exactly the same right? When you say Easton West it and sounds like West and East right? Yes people, the Kardashians are as stupid as a box of hammers.

One thing this future mother-of-two is certain about, is what she needs to eat: Cheetos! And sharing a hilarious montage of Instagram snapshots on Tuesday, Sept. 29, Kardashian made it quite clear just how serious her pregnancy craving had become. That would describe how her idiot got an unique zip code