Leonardo DiCaprio: His Heart Will Go On and On and On. . .

In a no-boys-on-deck celebration this past Thursday, Leonardo DiCaprio was surroundedarticle-2331383-1A03D750000005DC-316_634x396 by scantily clad, beautiful babes aboard a luxury yacht in the South of France. With cocktail in hand, the shirtless thirty-eight year old star was high off his Great Gatsby premiere at the Cannes Film Festival earlier in the week. A few lucky male friends were allowed on board to spend time with Leo but without the women, whom he kept all to himself. One particular woman captured some one-on-one time with the ladies man, reclining on pillows up on the bow of the luxury liner. The brunette seemed enraptured by Leo even though his physique was not all that it could be. After Leo, went inside for a bit, the sexy mystery girl removed her top, laying back in the Mediterranean sun.

The 206 foot yacht belongs to Topshop owner, Sir Phillip Green, who named the vessel named Lionheart. The ship has been host to many celebrities including Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. At a whopping $37nmillion, the luxury liner was a free joyride for DiCaprio who has been enjoying lots of glamorous freebies as of late. Acting as a travel companion to Russian billionaire, Vasily Klyukin, Leo was aboard a $1.5 million dollar Virgin Galactic flight to the edge of space.

The new hollywood playboy loves the ladies and with all the skin, ta-tas and round booties surrounding him, he has come a long way from the little blue eyed boy that first captured teen girl’s heart on the hit sitcom, “Growing Pains,” in the late 80’s.