Mexican Farmer Unearths Pablo Escobar’s Buried Fortune – You Won’t Believe How Much It Was!

You ever have a lucky day and find some money on the ground? Whats the most you ever found? A fiver? Maybe a $20 spot?


Well, you won’t believe how much a Columbian farmer found when he was digging a trench on his land. Jose Mariena Cartolos is a 65 year old farmer who had recently started a palm oil plantation on some land that has belonged to his family for over 200 years. While he was digging up the land to lay some new irrigation for his new farming project, Cartolos hit some hard earth. Perplexed he dug around the object. After an hour of digging, the farmer had uncovered several large 50 gallon drums that weighed more than he could move. Curious, Cartolo pried the lid off of one of the drums and was floored by what he saw.


Wrapped under plastic he saw money. Stacks and stacks of money. After authorities were called and all the money was counted, the final tally was a staggering $600,000,000 – That’s six hundred million dollars. Most people would think it’s crazy to turn that much money back over to the government but once it was revealed that the money once belonged to the notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar, Cartolo was happy to wash his hands of the buried treasure because he didn’t want the people who would be looking for the money to come after him. How did they know it was Escobar’s money you ask? It turns out Escobar was notorious for burying his money all over Columbia in efforts to hide it from the feds. Before his death, his fortune was estimated at a mind blowing $30 billion dollars.


As of now the money has been seized by the Columbian government and it has no plans on returning any of the fortune back to Cartolos.