Michael J. Fox is back on TV!


The Michael J. Fox show will be part of the fall lineup on NBC this coming September. Starring as “New York’s Favorite Newsman, Mike Henry” Fox’s character is returning to work after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. In his first television role in over a decade, Fox committed to 22 episodes after winning the right to produce the series. He will shoot all 22 episodes before the pilot even airs.

So people may wonder if the show is exploiting Fox’s symptoms for laughs, but instead the consummate acting pro creates a lovable character that is genuine and funny. Michael tweeted, “I am not making fun of myself, or other people with Parkinson’s Disease, just showing a guy who looks at life with humor.” Co-star Betsy Brandt of “Breaking Bad,” who plays his wife, said he is “one of the funniest people on TV ever, such a gifted actor and also such a great guy. There are not enough good things to say about him.”

The actor, best known for his role as Alex P. Keaton on the hit sitcom, “Family Ties,” and the blockbuster trilogy, “Back to the Future,” is not afraid to be vulnerable and allow himself to be seen with his debilitating illness. He deliberately did not take his medication before standing before the Senate sub-committee in 1999, asking for more federal funds for Parkinson’s research. With his symptoms in full swing, his appeal was all the more powerful. Fox is a staunch supporter and fund raiser of the disease that changed his life. His own efforts with the Michael J. Fox Foundation has raised over $300 million dollars for finding a cure.

For all the Michale J. Fox out there, they will be happy to see him back on tv, making them laugh in his usual way. Fox shows that a disease does not have to stop your life, and although it may alter it, life goes on and you are still the same person. The trailer looks promising and Fox is not getting the laughs on his own accord, despite the humor brought on by his physical moves.