Run Bieber Run! Hailey Baldwin Is Related to Stephen and Alec!

It’s difficult to not feel good for Justin Bieber in any situation. But right now he’s been seen hanging using a young model named Hailey Baldwin as well as the two have been having a hot and public tryst in St. Barts over the vacations.


The two essentially breaking the hearts of teen girls all around the world, making out as well as have been embracing. The recuperating douchebag is making a play in the youthful model but we trust that he understands what he’s getting into it(pun intended).

See the youthful, lovely model Hailey, who was born in 1996, is the daughter of the gamest of Stephen, the Baldwin Brothers and her uncle is the more gifted but mean, Alec Baldwin.

This Uncle Alec Baldwin, yes.

And This Really Is Stephen, Dear Ol Dad.

So while the Biebs is loving this amazing, lovely, hot babe. He better be prepared to get a superb strange family get together, because the one truth in Hollywood is the Baldwin Family is batshit mad.