Shia Labeouf Is Failing at Life


Lately a clip reach the net showing Shia and Mia (who’s in Tubingen to film a brand new horror movie) fighting outside a resort on a Friday night in July.

The Transformers star was seemingly attempting to leave to visit the airport, and his girlfriend took his back pack in a play to get him to remain.

Some locals offer to drive Shia and he can be heard telling them: ‘I do’t need to touch a girl, I do’t need to hit on a girl.’

He could be subsequently seen saying to Mia I do’t wanna touch you. I do’t needna be competitive. This can be the type of s*** that makes a man violent.’
Eventually, Shia gets his bag off Mia and leaves with the locals, speaking to them in the car about the fight.
He says: ‘If I’d have remained there, I ‘d have killed her

Someone must get this man off alcohol and the drugs and return him to truth.