Something Awesome Happens To Her Hair When She Walks Into Another Room

Do you remember when half the world saw a blue dress and the rest saw a gold one? For a few frustrating days, the entire world became engrossed in arguing over color, but we moved past it.

Yet today, a new argument has popped up, and it”s just as strange. It”s something so intriguing that it”ll make you look twice…and then some.

What color do you see?

Forget #TheDress what color is #TheHair? Seriously, what color is it? Tag any friends who can help us figure this mystery out!Band:

Posted by TeraBrite on Saturday, May 16, 2015


(via Distractify)

If you can shed light on this, we”d be happy to know. We here at ViralNova keep spouting crazy theories, and we don”t think we”ll get to the bottom of this hair color mystery anytime soon…

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