The 14 Most Shameful Politician’s Daughters

Due to the Internet’s existence, nobody is safe and nothing is sacred, so here are the 16, occasionally appealing, daughters of prominent politicians who’ve openly disappointed their parents in some way, shape or form, along with galleries of them partying (when available).

1) Caroline Giuliani/Hanover

Starting off the list is daughter Caroline, of Rudy Giuliani.

Caroline Giuliani continues to be understood to have her, um, father problems (click me for link evidence!) For some time now. She lost touch with her dad, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, when he quit coming to her graduations, special occasions, and showing up for things in her life that was “.” She generally goes by Caroline Hanover simply because of how much she doesn’t consider him her dad, but she was fast to use her other, more world renowned surname when she got arrested for shoplifting.

At age 20, in 2010, Caroline Giuliani was busted for shoplifting $150 worth of beauty products in her coat at the Upper East Side of Manhattan in The Big Apple by the Sephora camera. The policemen arrested the ex-presidential nominee’s daughter for petty larceny, where they requested her to “hanover” the makeup and accessories and to follow them

BONUS: For those trend hounds out there, and for those whose girlfriends make them see night Bravo shows every week, what did Caroline snitch from Sephora? Various beauty products including Dior skin primer, Bliss moisturizer, as well as a hairnet (because hey, you never understand

2) Patti Davis

Patti Davis is the daughter of the late President Ronald Reagan and is the only first daughter to have ever modeled for Playboy (naked).

Davis was, during the 70s, when they were trendy involved with a person in classic rock group The Eagles at some point. During that time, and at some stage in the early 80s, she also got guest star spots on shows like “Fantasy Island,” “The Love Boat,” and “ChiPs.”

She, unlike her dad, has extremely liberal views and not got along with Republican family and her staunchly spiritual until they began coping with Reagan’s alzheimer’s.

She was famously called the black sheep of the family during Reagan’s run as president and did everything in her power to rebel against her parents; most notably posing naked for Playboy and letting some man hold her boobs for the president to see on every news stand in America.

3) Jenna & Barbara Bush aka “The Bush Twins”

The Bush Twins (you know, those girls who were the first daughters of the U.S. for eight years), who even at their first reference seem like a fetishist pornography couple, didn’t waste ANY time making their father proud (that he’d EXCELLENT publicists) when he first took office.

Only a number of months after President George W. Bush was inaugurated, his 19-year old daughter, Jenna (the blond), was cited for alcohol possession by a minor. She pulled a publicized “lip chemise” during his presidency while taking off her panties and flashing her family’s namesake for paparazzi everywhere.

Even though she’s drop dead stunning, it’s still hard to think of Barbara Bush as popular because HER NAME IS BARBARA BUSH. Click the next link to see what most people envision when they believe the name Barbara Bush, if you’re from a younger generation. It tough to get past that, even though she has a Kate Beckinsale thing

Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush *shiver-cringe* was found using a fake ID when attempting to purchase booze at a pub, which wouldn’t have been so terrible if it wasn’t for the other times she was found doing similar things all throughout Bush’s presidency until she became “legal.”

As a pair, the twins have experienced numerous legal and personal issues with breaking underage drinking laws, while buddies of the Bush daughters have said they also love cannabis – despite her dad’s anti-substance (anti-pleasure/independence) policies.

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