The 80s And 90s Were Just Really Not A Great Time For Hair. It Was The Worst.

Design is an -evolving and, in hindsight, regularly cruel mistress. Those people who lived through the 1980s and 90s understand this first hand. A lot of crimpers, curling irons and bottles of gel and hairspray went into making sure every follicle was in its perfect location… Just to look back on it afterwards and ask exactly what the heck were we thinking??

I used to envy a few of these hairdos. Wow. I”m unexpectedly so happy my mother prevented me from trying them.

In case you ever sported one of those hairdos, don”t worry. Trend has burned us all, at one time or another:

1. This is the perfect appearance for each girl in the mid-90s. Why??

This was the ideal look for every girl in the mid-90s. Why??

2. The late 90s got even worse for men.

The late 90s got even worse for dudes.

3. “The larger the hair, the closer to God”…but even he’d probably tell her to tone down the hairspray.

4. Focus Representative Mulder: I believe I located your UFO.

Attention Agent Mulder: I think I found your UFO.

5. This is most likely the most famous girl in school.

This was probably the most popular girl in school.

6. Vanilla Ice and Billy Ray Cyrus meet.

Vanilla Ice meets Billy Ray Cyrus.

7. The father has more hair in relation to the others of them combined.

The dad has more hair than the rest of them combined.

8. A bouffant beacon!

A bouffant beacon!

9. Oh I get it, someone swapped their (awful) hair styles. No? Wow.

Oh I get it, someone swapped their (terrible) hair styles. No? Wow.

10. This man is sleek that is reaaaal.

This guy is reaaaal slick.

11. Bon Jovi”s cousins in Jersey shoot a family portrait.

Bon Jovi

12. The facial skin of pure dread.

The face of pure dread.

13. So. Considerably. Perm.

So. Much. Perm.

14. Buddies who’ve hair that is stringy together stay

Friends who have stringy hair together stay together.

15. Don”t you forget relating to this prom hair disaster.


16. These bangs were everything.

These bangs were everything.

17. Her name is likely Mary, and her parents possess a cruel sense of humor.

Her name is probably Mary, and her parents have a cruel sense of humor.

18. It”s not a great indication when the dummy is has the most effective hair.


19. Sideburns are difficult to grow fake it til you make it.

Sideburns are hard to grow, better fake it til you make it.

20. This father isn’t about being encircled with a household of Dorothy Hamills certain.

This dad is not sure about being surrounded by a family of Dorothy Hamills.

21. The parents are laughing thinking for their children looking back in a decade.

The parents are laughing thinking about their kids looking back at this in 10 years.

22. At least it is made by her ensemble symmetrical.

At least her ensemble makes it symmetrical.

23. Uncertain if the 80s or only a hairspray explosion.

Not sure if the 80s or just a hairspray explosion.

24. Uneasy lies the head that wears these crowns of glory.

Uneasy lies the head that wears these crowns of glory.

25. They are able to simply catch their brother, whenever they ever want a straight edge.

If they ever need a straight edge, they can just grab their brother.

26. Company party, quietly on another side.

Business on the side, party on the other side.

27. The progression of punk in a single picture.

The evolution of punk in one photo.

28. For the idle parent: pixie in the rear, pony in the front.

For the lazy parent: pixie in the front, pony in the back.

(via Distractify.)

Lesson learned: as it pertains to hair, ensure it remains straightforward. Discuss the hair raising neglects together with your buddies utilizing the buttons below!