The Amazing Story of the “Human Barbie”


You may surprise, but this girl has just had one plastic surgery in her life. Valeria Lukyanova (AKA “The Human Barbie”), uses the magic of make-up and occasionally Photoshop to make her seem like the well-known plastic doll.

Valeria was and comes an attractive girl, who resembled a classic Barbie. The 23-year old and claims have fought that she’s had lots of plastic surgeries of looking like a Barbie doll, saying the only operation she’s had in pursuit, was breast augmentation. One rumor said that she’s had. If you carefully examine pictures of her videos that are versus, it is possible to certainly see that some of the pictures have been edited.


It’s really amazing what makeup can do when it comes to making someone’s face appear totally different, and contouring. Contouring can make your face look more skinny, your nose narrow and your eyes a contour that is different. This is why many stars happen to be mistaken for getting plastic surgery, when actually they only got a makeover.


If you’re not already amazed by her look, you’ll find out that she’s a spiritual leader , who believes she’s lived a previous life on another planet, and her time on earth must be spent educating folks to ascend to a greater state of consciousness. She gives lectures on matters like out of body experiences, and promises that she can have an out of body experience at will. She’s said in a interview that she uses her exceptional look to get more interest to her religious teachings.

“My PR is based on my physical appearance. Sadly, religious thoughts WOn’t ever get as much interest. Will anyone see her in case a nun begins talking about spirituality? No one will. But if a young woman that is delightful, inspiring begins talking about it, a lot of people will begin thinking. Therefore I use my physical appearance to boost my thoughts that are religious. It functions well. That I ‘ll consistently use this tool.” – Valeria Lukyanova, from this video.


Basically, Miss Lukyanova’s example is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, even though she’s modeled herself after the epitome of artifice, plastic materialism and superficiality.