The Bootleg Ripoffs These People Found Are So Bad That It’s Hilarious

Believe it or not, countless companies around the world produce bootleg products. More often than not, you can find these awful bootlegs in foreign countries…but you can also stumble across them in random discount stores across America. People can be tricked into buying the bootleg versions of items, but sometimes consumers just buy them as a gag.

Here are some of the strangest bootleg items that we’ve come across, courtesy of Bootleg Stuff on Twitter. So close, yet so far.

Spongebob has a very strange new look.

I wonder if they are just as delicious as the original.

Woof. This is waayyyyy off.

A cartoon, nightmarish Cerebrus.

Is this how Minions are made?

Oh, those Plucky Ninjas.

Wow, Lego Bionicle figures confused with the band Nirvana. A new low.

Of course his name is Spoony.

Ah, that classic Baet Simpson catchphrase.

This new-look Genie is haunting.

These figurines don’t even look secure in that packaging.

Learn The Force from “Wise Puppet.”

None of these guys are Avengers.

Super Mario has taken up a new mantle!

No, they aren’t angry. They are just ill-tempered.

What a deal!

Pooh…you look…different.

I don’t remember Drive being this action-packed.

It’s not gender specific anymore!

Transmachine. Seems like a new civil rights movement just waiting to happen.

(via Twitter / Bootleg Stuff)

Anyone looking to buy some of these items is out of their mind or absolutely hilarious. I’m sure they don’t cost as much as the originals, so you’ll be spending your money wisely.