The Misadventures of Justin Bieber


As long as there is a Justin Bieber, there will always be throngs of preteens to rush to his aide. In the eyes of his Beliebers, JB can do no wrong.

Sure, he could be doing what any privileged, spoiled, full-of-himself 19-yr-old boy would be doing and he just happens to be in the public eye, but there can be no excuses for his bad behavior. Honestly, he’s putting the likes of Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes to shame.

We’ve compiled a list of his worst antics here, just in case you forgot any of them!

Egged a Neighbor’s House

justin bieber

Apparently, he can’t handle a neighborly dispute like an adult and has to start throwing food. Nothing says classy like some good old fashioned vandalism, especially when it causes over $20,000 in property damage!

Justin Bieber Gets Carried Up the Great Wall of China

justin bieber

Couldn’t be arsed to do his own stair climbing. That’s for peasants.

Pees in Restaurant’s Mop Bucket

Oh noes I have to pee pee again! Where’s the nearest mop bucket?!

You know what else is for peasants? Peeing in a urinal or any other acceptable place to pee. A real man pees in the mop bucket in the kitchen and loudly declares his hate for certain politicians on his way out. You should all feel graced with the pee of Justin Bieber.

Meets Prime Minister of Canada Wearing a Skeezy Outfit

What a way to show that you have no respect, even for your home country. He could have picked a much better outfit than this. Even his diaper pants would have been better than his farmer-from-the-depression-era look.

Bonus for disrespecting his own supposed home country: This photo of him standing on a hockey logo, which is a big no no.

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