The Newly Buff Matt Damon in Soderbergh’s film, Behind the Candelabra

article-0-1A074989000005DC-212_634x372Looks Liberace enjoyed them shaven and buff. Scott Thorson, in his new role, playing Liberace’s fan, Matt Damon stars opposite Michael Douglas as Liberace. Damon bulked up for the part in the Steven Soderbergh film which was considered too homosexual for the movie theater. Had it premiered on the big screen, critics are promising with Douglas probably winning his second, it’d have received Oscar nominations. The L.A. Times referred to it as, “a darkly transferring look at two solitary guys who briefly discovered something like love.”

Damon beams as the youthful fan of the youth obsessed piano virtuoso, as Michael Douglas’ bring the Libarace that just those in his inner circle understood dragged down into a life of drug addiction. He stank on the youth of those around him, as his looks faded he sought for youth but also like a vampire sucks blood. The young schoolboy, Thorson, becomes Liberace’s fixation as the couple grow in a world of paranoia and conceit over their appearances. And Rob Lowe’s appearance as Liberace’s plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Startz is masterfully done, though a distressing procedure.

Soderbergh was perplexed after gong with the movie to everyone in town, and no studio would take it. Maintaining it’s more funny than Brokeback Mountain, he took it where you’ll view among the best performances of the two “D’s,” Damon and Douglas.