These 15 Teachers Failed So Hard At Facebook…And Hopefully Learned Their Lesson

We frequently forget that teachers are actual folks like I. and you They drink beer, have lives, and do some things that is rather silly. This didn”t mean considerably before the creation of Facebook. Things could be swept under the rug, and pupils would never be the shrewder.

Yet in today”s age of over-sharing everything, that”s not the case anymore. In the instance of these 15 teachers, they should be rather cautious with what gets posted…because it”s in full view for everyone.

1. If you can”t spell it, did it even occur?

If you can

2. Someone should be getting an A.

Someone should be getting an A.

3. Popular for teacher.

Hot for teacher.

4. Maniacal laugh.

Maniacal laugh.

5. I call that self-assurance juice.

I call that confidence juice.

6. That chem teacher only won the Internet.

That chem teacher just won the Internet.

7. Must be a physical education teacher.

Must be a gym teacher.

8. Massachusetts, you did something today that is right.

Massachusetts, you did something right today.

9. Is he getting the seat?

Is he getting the chair?

10. You are seen by Facebook.

Facebook sees you.

11. Read the end and I assure you”ll say “OHHHHHH.”

Read the ending and I promise you

12. Way an excessive amount of info.

Way too much information.

13. Mr. Lowe is a fortunate guy. And is Facebook.

Mr. Lowe is a lucky man. And so is Facebook.

14. Something tells me he doesn”t even have Facebook.

Something tells me he doesn

15. No no no no no no!

No no no no no no!

(via Guff)

If there”s one thing teachers (and pupils) should take from this, it”s how you should actually look into altering your Facebook solitude settings. While you”re at it, perhaps you shouldn”t post everything on the Internet. Only an idea…