These 36 People Got Older, But Never Grew Up. They Are Seriously EPIC.

Your age is only an amount. Each of us will experience time”s passing, but that doesn”t mean we should get more blue and surly as the years go on. The truth is, only because you get old, it doesn”t mean you’ve got to grow up.

Aging with grace means accepting what exactly you CAn’t transform. Perhaps you”ll get more wrinkles, have gray hair and you won”t have the ability to touch your toes. You must accept that. What you can control, though, is the mindset. Adopt how wonderful life is, regardless of how old you happen to be!

These folks determined they were never going to get old or dull. Joie de vivre is in every single one of them. They ROCK.

1. She deserves

She deserves every high five she gets!

2. Rock on rock on.

Rock on, granny, rock on.

3. Just AWESOMENESS, no shame.

No shame, just AWESOMENESS.

4. Granny on the 1″s and 2″s.

Granny on the 1

5. Nana: the first hipster.

Nana: the original hipster.

6. I”d look like that if I had that on my head, also.


7. The world”s most legendary dancing-away.

The world

8. This couple defined punk.

This couple defined punk.

9. Grammy understands the best way to pull off legendary Duck Face.

Grammy knows how to pull off epic Duck Face.

10. Drop it like it”s hot.

Drop it like it

11. Mrs. Claus on December 26. Bash tough!

Mrs. Claus on December 26. Party hard!

12. And you thought YOU could dance.

And you thought YOU could dance.

13. Who wants crutches when you’re able to go in this way?

Who needs crutches when you can move like this?

14. You couldn”t quit his joyful even if you tried.

You couldn

15. iPad? More Like I-can”t-see-with-my-eyes-Pad.

iPad? More Like I-can

16. Those tats hold up.

Those tats hold up.

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