These Awesome Baseball Fails Will Have you Cracking Up. Oh, Athletes.

Baseball postseason is just about to observe it and to begin, lets look back at some of the most funny moments in baseball over recent years. These animated .gifs are uproarious for all kinds of reasons and the hilarity comes in all sizes and shapes. From humorous pitches, terrible base running, and even playing with imaginary friends, it”s no wonder why baseball is and always will be America”s pastime.

Play ball!

1. Well, he misplayed that.

Well, he misplayed that.

2. You”re not in the Matrix.


3. Occurs to the best of us.

Happens to the best of us.

4. I expect he wiped.

I hope he wiped.

5. Who understood bases were made from land mines?

Who knew bases were made of land mines?

6. Always look where you”re walking.

Always look where you

7. Immediate karma.

Instant karma.

8. The old shoulder throw.

The old shoulder throw.

9. So… I think he was not dangerous.

So...I guess he was safe.

10. The poor throw wasn”t the only mistake on that play.

The bad throw wasn

11. Unsure if he was not dangerous or not.

Not sure if he was safe or not.

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