These Classic Holiday Movies Have Strange Translations In Other Countries

Watching classic holiday movies is a time-honored tradition we all know and love. Most families watch these festive films around the holidays; they”re something adults and children alike can enjoy. Even people in other countries watch holiday classics…although they aren”t quite the same. You might not realize this, but most movies are given different titles are other countries. Sometimes, the translated titles end up being more than a little strange. Somehow, the strange, new names of the feel-good movies make them even better.

1. National Lampoon”s Christmas Vacation

<i>National Lampoon

2. Frozen


3. Home Alone

<i>Home Alone</i>

4. It”s A Wonderful Life


5. Die Hard

<i>Die Hard</i>

6. Jingle All The Way

<i>Jingle All The Way</i>

(source Chapmangamo)

If Jingle All The Way was called Mission: Christmas, I would have actually enjoyed it (maybe).