These Pieces Of Trivia Will Help You Kill It On Game Night. I Never Knew…

There”s nothing better than understanding arbitrary facts that no one else does. Because let”s be fair, we enjoy the power trip (and being amazing at trivia night). That”s why you”ll adore these 35 knowitall facts. They”re mad amazing, and completely unknown to anyone you understand. Prepared to increase your smart aleck IQ?

1. Only another reason why The Matrix is amazing.

Just another reason why <i>The Matrix</i> is awesome.

2. WHAT, umm?!

Umm, WHAT?!

3. Obama, please restart NASA!

Obama, please re-start NASA!

4. I”ve constantly wondered relating to this scenario.


5. Thank goodness because of this rule.

Thank goodness for this rule.

6. How did I not understand this?

How did I not know this?

7. Guardian angel responsibility.

Guardian angel duty.

8. Wow, that seems like manner too much work.

Wow, that sounds like wayyyy too much work.

9. War improved only another time science.

Just another time science was advanced by war.

10. The world is level.

The world is flat.

11. Read a couple times…

Read that a couple times...

12. No one in America would accept this.

No one in America would accept this.

13. Hahahaha.


14. There”s no method that”s natural.


15. Fact…


16. Yes, this can be really accurate, and California was at the centre of it.

Yes, this is actually true, and California was at the center of it.

17. That”s lots of fenders.


18. That, or it”s excellent.

That, or it

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