These Toilets Will Make You Rethink Taking A Crap! GROSS!

We all have to drop the deuce, some of us more than others (looking at you Gramma). The worst is when you’re on your third bonus-sized coffee while you’re driving to work and you feel the bubble guts. It’s go time!

You pull over, the sweat starting to build up on your forehead as you pull into the public lot off the freeway off-ramp. You speed trot to the john, trying not to unclench your ass cheeks, because if you do, you’re sure that you’ll spray poop like a skunk at stink party.

You barely make it into the public toilet and what greets you is the stuff of nightmares! In this real life Choose Your Own Adventure, you can either remove the dead rat from the toilet or go shit in the bushes outside, hoping that people don’t see. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO. Click ahead to see.


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