This Brilliant Video Will Debunk The Most Moronic Of Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories (VIDEO)

Have you been fearful that cover Benghazi up and substances are dropping from planes to decrease the population? Frightened the Illuminati are utilizing a secret weather control apparatus in Alaska to create unnatural catastrophes so Christians could be herded into FEMA extermination camps? Have you been pondering the chance that frightening, shapeshifting lizards are killing individuals that are significant, replacing them, and secretly controlling the planet? Is the chance for the Antichrist bringing Armageddon for the 90th time this decade haunting you?

Well, quit. Only…quit.

Its tremendously amusing to poke fun at crazy and simple conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones as well as the entirety of the Tea Party for his or her irrational guesses about the world or liberals, generally speaking. Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep in mind that some individuals really consider this items.

In June, as an example, a rabid mob of Arizonans that were very ignorant demanded and received a hearing on the results of chemtrails to the civilian populace. In a hearing that squandered taxpayer dollars to treat such delusions as though they’re actual, one resident eloquently said that Americans are:

… being sprayed like were bugs and its actually not okay.

The citizens of the Grand Canyon State can certainly reap the benefits of this helpful video which will tell them if their preferred imbecilic thoughts are real or not:

The Greatest Conspiracy Debunker is a helpful tool which wipes out bogus conspiracy theories by inquiring but one sole question: Does it impact folks that are wealthy?

In case the reply is “yes,”, it’s quite probable the theory is not true. The video points to your claim a treatment for cancer was found, and has been suppressed. Since wealthy people die of cancer, this claim might be not true.

Its that simple!

Next time that crazy coworker who you simply cant bring yourself to unfriend on Facebook shares a claim that President Obama is killing Christians and converting them into food to feed his army of rampaging lizardmen from earth Zebulon XR31 show them this video, and remind them that some wealthy folks are Christians, also.

‘s FEMA reeducation camps so when a HAARP weather control coordinator.

Discover that sock he is been seeking, or the aspiration of John’s life would be to rule the world with the iron fist.

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  • JohnH

    I make use of an approach that is different. If conspiracy theorists cant even get the English language right inside their opinions ( for instance, when they cant spell silly), they likely arent sharp enough to determine a conspiracy that’snt clear to literally everyone.

  • Will Mickelson

    Point was, to allow it to be appear such as the wealthy dont have control of our congress

    • kenthefitter

      Oh, no. The wealthy do have control of our Congress. It has been purchased and paid for by them.
      The purpose will be to demonstrate there are not secret organizations which might be concealing the items that lots of conspiracy theorists believe in.
      Sadly, our bought Congress isnt one of these. Using the formula in the video as could be told.