Top 20 Kinds of Drunk People

When out boozing, the crew you associate with can make or break your night. Low on cash? Be sure to tag along with the generous drunk. Spend your night with the Steve-O drunk and you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Get too close to The Exorcist drunk and you will be cleaning vomit. Enjoy our list of the top 20 kinds of drunk people, and choose your drinking buddies wisely.

1) The Mr. Chow Drunk

The Hangover Trilogy introduced us to Mr. Chow. Just like the character, the Mr. Chow drunk is a wildcard. He could end up naked, doing drugs, talking in third person, or all three. He is a high risk, high reward part of the crew.

2) The Thoughtful Drunk

The thoughtful drunk is annoying, your best option is to see the humor in his “thoughts.” Typically, this individual already has bizarre thoughts and theories when sober, he is just more open about his beliefs as the liquor flows. For the most part, the thoughtful drunk is harmless, as long as you do not begin believing his non-sense.

3) The Exorcist Drunk

This is the drunk who spends the night projectile vomiting. If you’re lucky, you will see him crab walk down the stairs or spin his noggin 360 degrees.

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